Web Design

If you want to be taken seriously in any marketplace, you need a good website. And no offense to your 14-year-old nephew who is “really good with computers”, but just “being able” to make a website does not always a good website make. As the online public becomes more sophisticated, the need for a quality website that not only looks great, but also works well AND tells your story in the most effective way possible is key to retaining the potential customer’s/client’s attention and keep them from zipping back to their google search.

What I Can & Can’t Do

I primarily work in the WordPress platform, which is the #1 platform used for small-to-medium-size business websites and offers a lot of flexibility and “bells & whistles”. My forte is creating sites that are aesthetically pleasing, thoughtfully organized, and that work well. While I will never claim to be an “SEO expert”, I build sites using “best practices” for SEO, as well as employ an excellent SEO plugin to give your site the ammunition to be found among the vast sea of competitor’s sites. I’m primarily a designer, not a code-monkey, so please have a look at some of the recent sites I’ve built to see whether my skills might meet your needs.


Websites… and counting

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