Product Design & Graphics

With the ever-expanding availability of custom product manufacturing for small companies, good new product design and graphics are no longer restricted to big corporations who can afford to shell out the big bucks for custom tooling and massive initial product orders. Amazon sellers, in particular have quickly learned to take advantage of the option to make their products stand out from the competition, and in the process release their inner creative genius.

What I Can & Can’t Do

My forte is designing product graphics for items that are graphic-centric, though I have designed a few physical products, as well. However, I am not an engineer of any type, and don’t work with C.A.D. or 3D programs. Instead, the products I’ve designed were created from detailed 2D drawings with some rudimentary engineering touches (ie: size specifications, structural layout, et. al.) But when it comes to product graphics, I’m very comfortable designing for pretty much anything that can be printed or knitted or embroidered, etc.


Products… and counting

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