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LeeWay Design is me, Susan Lee – a one-woman art department with a ridiculous amount of experience.

What I do

My specialties include packaging graphics and design, product graphics and design, ads, point of purchase, brochures, catalogs, logos/branding, illustrations, photo retouch and illustration (including full-on “frankenshopping”), web design, signage – pretty much anything visual. Oh, and I do copy writing, too, ranging from sales copy to scholarly articles.

I have worked closely for years with clients around the US and abroad, creating brands and visual tools to help bring their goods and services to a broader market with profitable results.

In recent years, I’ve been working with several Amazon Sellers as that marketplace has exploded. Staying up to speed with Amazon’s numerous requirements allows me to design and write “within the lines”, thereby saving my clients a few headaches in the process. For most of my Amazon clients, I do everything from packaging design to product graphics/design to copy writing to making their listing photos as impactful and beautiful as possible.

One of my favorite things is product design, from adding customized touches to a factory’s design, to technical 2D designs and illustrations of new products, and creating various graphics for products (fabric patterns & other graphics-driven items, sports things… you name it – I’ve probably done it.)

Please have a look at my portfolio to get a better idea of my range.

Susan Lee Leeway Design

Why Me?

I continually strive to make every project as smooth and painless for my clients as possible, while delivering the right design for the job – on time, on target and on budget. Many years of real world experience have given me a bit of an edge when it comes to making a design work, both technically and in the highly competitive global marketplace.

I have filled the role as de facto “art department” for many small, medium and larger companies in various locations, saving clients money by keeping the overhead low and the quality high. Over two decades’ experience in working with printers and factories in Asia have given me added insight in getting the best production results possible for my clients who produce goods and packaging there.

Oh, and I have a really cool little dog who helps me with my work… when he’s not busy barking at random stuff or napping in the sun.


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